Record a Remembrance

The testimony of the saints who have gone before us to the Father encourages us all. Our witness and memories of them are a gift of comfort and encouragement to one another.

Please consider recording a video or voice memo reflecting on an attribute or memory of Becky. OR post a written “tribute” on her Facebook page,

These recordings will be compiled and uploaded here in the weeks after the memorial for anyone who would like to listen. They will also be a treasure for her family and children in the years to come.

Ideal snippets for the collection would be 30 seconds – 1 minute long. However, if you send a longer one, the family and children will be able to enjoy and keep it even if it is not posted online. If you record something that is only for the family, please specify.


Record your remembrance at the “station” at the in-person memorial on March 4th


Visit our VidHug page and make a recording directly from your phone or computer camera, or upload a file.


Make a video or voice recording on your phone with an app of your choice and email the file to taylorjramsay@

the memory of the righteous is a blessing

prov 10:7